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I live by these values in my name.







I am professional Breathworker and facilitator based in Adelaide as well as travelling to country areas of South Australia to share Breathwork. I have been practicing Breathworker since 2012.

I first heard of Breathwork Therapy through a colleague of my husband.

The impact that Breathwork has had in my life is tremendous. The levels of inner peace and self-confidence that Breathwork has provided me has compelled and inspired me to share it with others.

My journey in breathwork began when I was dealing with past pain from my childhood. I found a peace and tranquility that I’d never experienced before.

While on this journey I had it led me to the realization that some of my behavior patterns came from traumas and emotional experiences through my life.

Once I understood where these patterns came from, I was able to work on healing and change. What I experienced was profound healing and inner peace. I have been devoted to sharing the benefits of Breathwork


To maintain and support my development of Professional Breathwork standards, by providing a safe supportive and confidential space,supporting my clients to a life of peace of mind, love and happiness.


Get to Know Me

I am a loving, caring, and compassionate woman and have been married for 30 years and have four children.

Over the last thirty years I have worked in a variety of occupations, all of which involved helping and assisting others.

My passion has always been in support of people to make positive changes in their lives.

I am passionate about assisting my people to reach their full potential and to live a full and happy life.

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