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About me

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I live by these values in my name:







Hi, my name is Verity van Balen and I am professional Breathwork Practitioner and group facilitator. I have been a practicing Breathwork Practitioner since 2012 and although I am based in Adelaide I also travel to country areas of South Australia to share my work.

I first heard of conscious connected Breathwork through my husband's colleague and my journey in breathwork began when I was dealing with past pain from my childhood. I found an inner peace and tranquility that I had never experienced before.

While on this journey I had it lead me to the realisations that some of my behaviour patterns came from traumas and emotional experiences through my life. Once I understood where these patterns came from, I was able to work on healing and change. What I experienced was profound healing and inner peace. I have been devoted to sharing the benefits of Breathwork.


The impact that Breathwork has had in my life is tremendous. The levels of inner peace and self-confidence that Breathwork has provided me has compelled and inspired me to share it with others.

I am a loving, caring and compassionate woman. I have been married for over 35 years and we have four children. Over the last fourty plus years I have worked in a variety of occupations, all of which involved helping and assisting others. My passion has always been in support of people to make positive changes in their lives, assisting people to reach their full potential and to live a full and happy life.

My Mission Statement

To maintain and support my development of Professional Breathwork standards, by providing a safe supportive and confidential space, supporting my clients to discover their authentic self to a life of peace of mind, love and happiness.

Our breath is an important anchor in life. It guides us and supports us through life’s experiences. The more conscious we are of our breath, the more we can consciously respond to our inner and outer world.

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