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How can Breathwork help?

Understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love.

Breathwork addresses our whole life experiences, from releasing sadness and grief or traumas to healing relationships. It is a tool to resolve influences from our past helping us to live in the present, making conscious choices that enhances all aspects of our life.




What is Breathwork?

The breathing technique is called conscious connected breathing.

Breathwork Therapy is a safe and simple breathing technique that provides the opportunity for a client to become aware of patterns and thoughts that are formed in the past. Using conscious connected breathing, the body is oxygenated and increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long been held in tension and areas that have stored or suppressed memories. This is when emotions and mental patterns are recalled and released. Breathwork uses the conscious connected breathing technique to gain insights and awareness.




Why use Breathwork?

Open yourself to personal growth and change.

Breathwork Therapy is a technique or tool that when supported with a Professional Breathworker can be used by anyone. Breathwork raises self awareness realisations to help change our lives, leading to raising feelings of hope, self-love, peace and harmony in your life.

Do you have a desire to change some aspects of your life in which you are not happy? Is there stress or trauma in areas such as personal or family relationships? Do you have grief, sadness, anxiety or other emotions controlling your life? 


Some people seek Breathwork Therapy to heal their habits and addictions. Breathwork can also be used as a technique to give awareness to spiritual aspects of oneself.

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